Headache Management

When headaches are frequent or severe, they can interfere with everyday life. And sometimes, medications don’t help. At Deep Well Health Care LLC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, clinical hypnotherapist Rebecca Cherry, MD, MPH, works with people of all ages whose headaches have not completely improved with medication, or who prefer to avoid medications. Request your appointment by booking online, or you can call the office today.

Hypnosis for Headaches

Hypnosis is an effective treatment for migraine and tension headaches. You may find that with the use of hypnosis, your headaches become less frequent, shorter, and less severe, or even go away entirely. You may also find yourself feeling generally calmer.

The goal of treatment is not just to feel better in the short term, but to learn a technique that can be used again and again to help relieve discomfort without medication.

The number of hypnotherapy sessions you need depends on multiple factors, but on average patients have about 4 appointments.

To learn more about clinical hypnosis for headache treatment, book an appointment at Deep Well Health Care LLC. Call the office today, or click the online scheduling tool.